After eight years, the wait is nearly over

December 5, 2008. That’s the date Kdsti Kflit applied to come to Saskatchewan to join her brother Haileab. A refugee from Eritrea, she fled her homeland to escape military service and jail. Now, the wait is nearly over.

Kdsti’s original sponsor was a church in Regina. But in March 2011, the church cancelled the sponsorship. That’s when Nest members learned about Haileab and Kdsti. With the help of Open Door, a new sponsorship was initiated.

As Kdsti waited for the Canadian government to process her application, she married and had a baby girl. Years passed.

Finally the news. Kdsti and her family learned in early August they will arrive in Saskatoon on August 23, 2016. “Everyone is so excited,” says her brother Haileab. “She is so happy. It is endless happiness.”



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