Reuniting families in Saskatoon

Reuniting families is a growing part of Nest’s refugee work. Of the 12 sponsorships Nest has underway, seven have family members waiting for them in Saskatoon.

The families are from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan, Colombia and Sudan.

The Sattouf family is one of them. The family of eight arrived in Saskatoon in February 2016 as part of the Canadian government’s program to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees. A few months after their arrival, the family asked Nest if they would sponsor five of their relatives who are currently refugees in Egypt. Nest organized a special fundraising campaign to help make it happen.

The Sattoufs  are among many refugee families in Saskatoon who are anxious to find sponsors to bring more of their relatives to the city. Nest has redoubled its fundraising efforts to assist these newcomers.

The Al Jneid family also left behind relatives IMG_0751when they came to Saskatoon in February as government-sponsored Syrian refugees. Hicham and his family along with his sister Wisal and her family fled Syria together and shared a small apartment in Lebanon with their children (eight in total), but only Hicham, his wife Ola and their three children (pictured here) were accepted under the government’s resettlement program. Once they arrived in Saskatoon, Hicham  began looking for a sponsor to bring Wisal and her children.

Fortunately, Nest received a $10,000 grant from the Canadian Labour Congress in the spring of 2016 to help us bring Wisal and her five young children to Saskatoon. Nest expects the family will arrive in late 2017.

Nest also is sponsoring Iraqi families with relatives in Saskatoon, including Noor Obada’s sister and her son. Originally from Iraq,  Noor’s family members scattered across the Middle East and Europe in search of sanctuary. Nest sponsored Noor and her son Yazan in 2015 and hopes to bring her sister Sura and her young son Tiger (pictured here) in 2017. They now live in Dubai.




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