In memory of Christine and Adele


Nest Saskatoon gratefully acknowledges donations in memory of Christine and Adele Smillie.

Christine along with John Kleiner were two of the founders of Nest. Adele (Christine’s mother) also was active in Nest.

Christine died on June 1.  Adele died in April.

Nest sincerely thanks the following people who made donations in memory of Adele and Christine:

Nancy Allan, Devon Anderson and Phil Johnson, Barb Arop, Brian Ast, Gail Barrett, Barb Byers, John Crawford, Barbara and Daniel Danaher, Bill and Inger DeCoursey, Dr. Murray Dickson, Frank Dodd, Peggy Durant, Elaine Ehman, Diane Eurig, Shirley Hauta, Bernadette Holzer, Thelma Howard, Nettie Hryniuk, Aina Kagis, Saba Keleta, Heather Kleiner, Elsie Livingstone, Jackie Marshall, Eileen McCreary, Arla McFadzen, Estate of Ormond McKague, Elizabeth Meggs, Edith Mountjoy, Andrea, Gayle Nemeth, Mike Nemeth,  Stephanie and Noel Newsham, Louise Pelletier, Margareth and Kenneth Peterson, Peter Prebble and Louise Gagne, Faith Rohrbough, Penelope Rosten, David and Phyllis Rugg, Linda Smee, Andrew Smillie, Jenny Smillie, Cheryl Stadnichuk, Jean Taylor and family, Bruce Thomas, Laurence Thompson, Kay and Phil Willson, Sharon Wiseman.



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