Have you seen “The List?”

A Turkish visual artist has devoted the last 16 years of her life to publicizing the List.

The List holds the names of people who died trying to start a new life in Europe. It is maintained by a network of NGOs supporting migrants and refugees.

When Banu Cennetoğlu first saw the List in 2002 on the United for Intercultural Action website, it consisted of 15 pages and 6,000 names.  Now, there are over 30,000 names.

“I started to read, and that was it,” she tells the reporter Charlotte Higgins. “I know that as long as I have the resources as an artist, I will continue to make this list more visible.” Read more here.

Banu has worked to publicize the List through art shows, newspapers, billboards, poster campaigns and stickers. Asked to explain her dedication to the List, she suggests: It’s a way to bear witness and an act of mourning.

Download a PDF of the List here.


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