Syrian family’s arrival delayed

Nest expected to welcome a Syrian single parent with five children on August 9. But less than 24 hours before their departure from Beirut, the family’s flight was cancelled due to problems obtaining an exit permit in Lebanon.

The last minute cancellation was heart-breaking. Wisal and her children (pictured here) have waited two years to come to Saskatoon.

Nest and the Canadian Lutheran World Relief applied to bring Wisal and her five children in September 2016. Her brother Hicham and his family had arrived in Saskatoon several months earlier, as part of the Canadian government’s resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Hicham was anxious to find a sponsor for his sister’s family, who had been left behind in Lebanon. When Nest received a grant of $10,000 from the Canadian Labour Congress Syrian fund, the sponsorship became viable!

Nest members have their fingers crossed they will finally get to meet Wisal and the kids. New flights have been booked and the family is due to arrive September 18.



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