The little lily fundraiser for Nest

The lily sale raised more than $1000 for Nest.

Nest received a donation of about 1,000 Asiatic lily bulbs from Wanda, a lily grower in Mervin.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event.

How to care for your lilies! 

The Lily Nook in Neepawa, Manitoba has a great online catalogue. You may be able to identify your surprise lily from their online catalogue once it blooms next summer.

Plant the lilies as soon as possible this fall in a location that gets 4 to 8 hours of sun per day. Alternatively, they can be stored in a cool dark place for a short time until you are ready to plant. They appreciate regular watering but are reasonably drought tolerant and subject to few pests.

I would suggest planting three or more bulbs in a clump about six inches deep and about four to six inches apart. They appreciate good drainage so if you can add sand to the bottom of the hole when you plant them that would be most helpful. Once they are through blooming it is a good idea to cut off the seed heads so that the bulb does not produce seed but rather stores more energy in the bulb itself.

Go to for more information about caring for your lilies.



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