Three more families on their way!

Nest is expecting to greet three more families before the end of the year. They are:

Saleem and Shakeela and family: This family of five from Pakistan fled to Malaysia in 2011 to escape religious persecution. They applied for asylum in Malaysia, but like the majority of Pakistani Christians, they were denied refugee protection by the UNHCR. Nest offered to sponsor the family in 2016. They have endured more persecution  in Malaysia, as they have no legal status in the country and risk detention or deportation if caught by police.  The family was finally interviewed by the Canadian embassy on September 18. They were approved and told they would arrive in Saskatoon by Christmas!

An Eritrean single parent with six children. Nest sponsored this family under the Blended Visa Office Referral Program. The refugee family currently lives in Sudan. They are expected to arrive in Saskatoon within the next seven to 12 weeks.

A single man from Myanmar with friends and a cousin in Saskatoon is due to arrive on November 8.

In anticipation of their arrival, Nest is collecting donations of good quality furnishings. If you have some an item to donate such as a “low mileage bed”, contact us at:


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