Shout-out to the Shapiro Foundation

Nest extends its appreciation to the Shapiro Foundation and the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub for spearheading a new fund to support the settlement of 1,000 UNHCR refugees to Canada in 2018.

Nest was able to submit two more sponsorship applications this month with the support of this fund: One is for an Eritrean woman with six children and the second is for a single man from Myanmar who has friends in Saskatoon. Both sponsorships are through the Canadian government’s Blended Visa Office Referral Program.

Normally, this program is cost-shared with the federal government: the government pays for the first six months of refugee sponsorship and the community sponsor (in this case Nest) covers the next six months. However, the new fund announced in August covers all of the community sponsorship costs for up to 1,000 refugees.

It’s a boon to Nest and other organizations working to bring more refugees to Canada.

Our Myanmar refugee arrives in the city on November 8, while our Eritrean family is expected in six to 12 weeks.


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