Maureen honoured!

Maureen McPherson (centre) with Nest members Ann Burton (left) and Noor Obada.

Long-time Nest member Maureen McPherson was recognized for her community outreach and leadership on October 26, when she was inducted into the Saskatoon Women’s Hall of Fame.

Maureen has worked with many refugee families in the city over the last two decades. She also assists with Rainbow 50 Plus program at St. Thomas Wesley United Church and is active in St. Martin’s United Church.

Maureen told the crowd at the awards ceremony that she was “humbled” by the honour.

In speaking about her work with Nest, Maureen said she is appalled and saddened by the increasing intolerance towards newcomers in Canada and around the world.  “People who are accepted into Canada as refugees are here due to circumstances not of their making,” she said. “They did not want to leave their homes. . .Many will work at jobs that do not make use of their education or experience.”

Maureen said Nest “greets new arrivals with open arms and hearts, and sometimes with toques and parkas!”

She encouraged the crowd to speak out against hatred of “the other” and get involved with refugee settlement.

Three other women were inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame on October 26: Shirley Isbister, Ailsa Watkinson and Maureen Graham (awarded posthumously).  The event was organized by the Saskatoon Council of Women.




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