Dear Canadian embassy:

Yubis, his wife Ruda, and their two young daughters are Sudanese refugees in Tel Aviv. Nest submitted their sponsorship application in 2018 and again in 2019. Years have passed but the Canadian embassy has not contacted them.

Nest members recently met with Saskatoon MP Corey Tochor’s staff to try to get traction on their refugee sponsorship application.

Yubis tried too. Last month, he left his home in Arad, Israel at 5 a.m. to hand-deliver a letter to the Canadian embassy mailbox in Tel Aviv. Refugee applicants are not allowed to enter the embassy without an appointment, but they are allowed to leave mail.

Here is a is a shortened version of his letter:

To Immigration Canada and Government of Canada,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good morning:

My family and I have waited from 2018 until now without any news.

The Private Sponsorship Group members in Saskatoon,  awaits us with great enthusiasm and they are all ready for our arrival. At this moment, my wife and I have received both doses of Pfizer vaccine. Thanks God.

Our two girls are growing each day with the uncertainty of not having a safe future. We dream for the day when they will meet their uncle and aunt and cousins who already reside in Canada.

Our family has been divided by war and exile. It is time for us to be together. My sister and her family have lived in Winnipeg for three years, and they are very happy and progresing in their life.

We pray every day to be called for the interview; it is very hard to live under permanent uncertainty.

I wish you much well-being, and I look with hope to the appointment call.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Yours faithfully,

Yubis  Sila

3 thoughts on “Dear Canadian embassy:

  1. We congratulate Nest Group and its vision regarding refugees. The Yubis and Ruda family are not refugees, they did not get the status of refugees because Israel does not accomplish its compromise with United Nations Laws regarding displaced people for wars. And unable to deport asylum seekers, Israel has instead left them in limbo with few rights; the new government has signaled it has no plans to change those policies anytime soon. Ruda and Yubis family have endure very difficult times, but they are people of faith and good heart, and they stay optimist and ready to answer the calling of the Canadian Embassy; and very soon be with all of you in Saskatoon. Thank you.

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  2. I know the family who reside in Winnipeg. They are hard working conscientious people who have assimilated well into their community. They can hardly wait for their cousins to arrive. This family would be an asset

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  3. Good morning, Nest, I am Ronnie Ibrahim, my brother, sister Ruda and Yubis and their children. I know that you are working ot help them to Canada I’m happy to see them with me in Canada .
    Thank for All of you.
    Roney Tardeen

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