A record breaking year!

Maria Reha who arrived in May (a refugee from Afghanistan) and Monica Zia who arrived in July (a refugee from Pakistan) enjoy their first snowfall in Saskatoon.

Nest welcomed 28 people so far this year, setting a new record for arrivals.

Our Sudanese family in Egypt with relatives in Saskatoon arrived on March 31.

The Iqbal family, Pakistani Christians in Thailand, waited six years to get to Saskatoon. They finally arrived on July 28.

Another Sudanese family, who waited in Israel for four years for their application to be processed, arrived in Saskatoon on October 19.

Our Syrian family waiting in Lebanon since 2018 arrived in September.

We also welcomed many Afghan refugee families who came in less than a year through the Canadian government’s Operation Afghan Safety Program. Human rights activist Maria Reha and her two adult sons arrived in May after eight months, Maryam Rajaee, her husband Yousuf and their two little girls arrived in August (after only four months), Afghan prosecutor Rohi Rasa and her husband Mojeeb also arrived in August after only 4 months.)

The last year Nest welcomed so many newcomers was 2018, when we welcomed 27 people!

Thanks to the Saskatoon Catholic Diocese, the Canadian Lutheran World Relief and the Mennonite Central Committee for their support to make this happen.

One thought on “A record breaking year!

  1. Thank you dear people. Your actions and empathy with those who have lost everything for wars and depotic regimes gave us strength and hope that there is always a second change. While many strong countries have closed their doors and their hearts to the humanitarian requests of hundreds, Canadian people did and do the contrary: open their hearts
    Blessing to everybody!
    Ana&David (Israel)


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