Update on our new arrivals!

Nest supporters Gayle, Alayne, Rajaa, Namer, Thelma and Noor welcome Ahmed at the airport.

Many of Nest’s newcomers who arrived in the city in recent months have found employment. That’s remarkable because refugees usually need to study English for several years before they can find work. But Nest’s newest arrivals are bucking that pattern.

Rohi Rasa, a former prosecutor in Afghanistan, just landed a job at Robertson Stromberg Law firm in Saskatoon. “To be given the chance to work in my chosen career is very special,” she said. “This was my dream.” Rohi didn’t expect the opportunity would arise so quickly and says, she is very grateful.

Other Nest newcomers who came to the city in the last year, also were quick to find work.

Maria Reha and sons Sami and Basit arrived in Saskatoon in May 2022. Within a momth, Maria was working full-time at Global Gathering Place.

Ahmed Qudaih, a Palestinian refugee, arrived in Saskatoon on February 1, 2023, after waiting more than two years in Turkey for his sponsorship application to be processed. Within a week of landing, he was working at a greenhouse. It’s the fastest arrival-to-employment path in Nest’s 25 year history.

Rohi Rasa, a former prosecutor in Afghanistan, began working at Robertson Stromberg law firm in February, while her husband Mojeeb, who also worked as a lawyer in Afghanistan, landed a job with Classic Law and Global Gathering in December. The couple arrived in Saskatoon in August 2022.

Maryam Rajaee, an Afghan gender rights advocate, was hired by Open Door in January 2023. Maryam, her husband Yousuf, and their two little girls (pictured below) arrived in August.


Adil Wali his wife Salma, and brother-in-law Suliman, are Sudanese refugees who arrived in Saskatoon on March 31, 2022. Adil (pictured below on right) quickly found work as a painter’s helper before securing a job in construction. They are greeted at the airport by Suliman and Salma’s sister Nawal, who lives in Saskatoon.


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