A record breaking year!

Maria Reha who arrived in May (a refugee from Afghanistan) and Monica Zia who arrived in July (a refugee from Pakistan) enjoy their first snowfall in Saskatoon. Nest welcomed 28 people so far this year, setting a new record for arrivals. Our Sudanese family in Egypt with relatives in Saskatoon arrived on March 31. The Iqbal family, Pakistani Christians in Thailand, waited six years to … Continue reading A record breaking year!

Afghan crisis: More questions than answers

In response to the Afghan crisis, the Canadian government promised to settle up to 40,000 Afghan refugees. It also committed to fast-track Afghan asylum requests, stating it would give priority to women leaders, human rights advocates, persecuted religious minorities and others. But months later, there are still no details about the Canadian government’s Afghan resettlement plan or the expedited process. How will Afghan refugees be … Continue reading Afghan crisis: More questions than answers