Fast track refugees in Thailand

Nest is urging the Canadian government to fast track sponsorship applications from Pakistani Christians and other refugees living in Bangkok, Thailand, stating their situation is desperate and the UNHCR’s response is wholly inadequate. The Thai government’s appalling treatment of refugees is well-documented. Even though most are UN registered asylum seekers – who are legally entitled to protection – they live in constant fear of being rounded-up, arrested … Continue reading Fast track refugees in Thailand

The long, long wait to immigrate

Nest Saskatoon currently is sponsoring 12 families to the city, but it could be years before some of them arrive. Most refugee families wait between one to six years for their sponsorship application to be processed by the Canadian government. Two of Nest’s sponsorships involve Eritrean families currently in Khartoum, Sudan where the wait time is 60 months. Another one of Nest’s Eritrean families is in Uganda where the … Continue reading The long, long wait to immigrate