Two Nest families about to arrive!

Nest is preparing to welcome two refugee families on August 9. One is a single parent Syrian family in Lebanon (shown here), the other is an Iraqi couple with two young children in Jordan. After waiting many months for the two families, they are arriving on the same flight from Toronto to Saskatoon. What are the chances of that! Nest and the Canadian Lutheran World … Continue reading Two Nest families about to arrive!

Sunday school makes donation to Nest

The children attending Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Saskatoon raised $383 to help Nest sponsor more refugee families to the city. The 59 children  from pre-kindergarten to grade six learned about Nest last fall when Elaine Carter, a member of the congregation and chairperson of Nest Saskatoon, talked to them about Nest’s work. They responded by donating their Sunday school offering for the year to … Continue reading Sunday school makes donation to Nest

Have you seen “The List?”

A Turkish visual artist has devoted the last 16 years of her life to publicizing the List. The List holds the names of people who died trying to start a new life in Europe. It is maintained by a network of NGOs supporting migrants and refugees. When Banu Cennetoğlu first saw the List in 2002 on the United for Intercultural Action website, it consisted of … Continue reading Have you seen “The List?”

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New arrivals!

Visitors to the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market will know Ebtsam Elsheikh, the vendor with “the million watt smile.” Nest worked with Ebtsam, who also is a member of the group, to bring four of her relatives who were Sudanese refugees in Cairo. After a 27 month wait, her sister Saphia, her two nieces Safaa and Alaa and her nephew Abdulhai arrived in Saskatoon in March! A … Continue reading New arrivals!

In memory of Christine and Adele

  Nest Saskatoon gratefully acknowledges donations in memory of Christine and Adele Smillie. Christine along with John Kleiner were two of the founders of Nest. Adele (Christine’s mother) also was active in Nest. Christine died on June 1.  Adele died in April. Nest sincerely thanks the following people who made donations in memory of Adele and Christine: Nancy Allan, Devon Anderson and Phil Johnson, Barb … Continue reading In memory of Christine and Adele

Reuniting families in Saskatoon

Reuniting families is a growing part of Nest’s refugee work. Of the 10 refugee sponsorships we have underway, seven have relatives or friends waiting for them in Saskatoon. The families are from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Sudan. The Al Jneid family is one of them. They left behind relatives when they came to Saskatoon in February 2016 as government-sponsored Syrian refugees. Hicham and his family along with his sister Wisal … Continue reading Reuniting families in Saskatoon

Look who is coming:

Sara and her daughter Siye (left), refugees from Eritrea, arrived in Saskatoon in May 2017. They are greeted at the airport by Nest members Ebtsam, Zainab, Nancy and Linda. Nest is looking forward to welcoming more refugee families, including: An Iraqi family in Jordan:  Nest applied to bring this family in October 2017. They have friends in Saskatoon. The family was interviewed and approved on … Continue reading Look who is coming: