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The little lily fundraiser for Nest

Nest Saskatoon is selling lilies to raise funds for refugee settlement.

The hardy asiatic lilies are 3 bulbs for $5. The Stella d-oro day lilies are $4 per clump! You can purchase your bulbs (cash only) by contacting Nest at

Nest received a donation of about 1,000 Asiatic lily bulbs along with Stella d’oro day lilies to support Nest’s work.

The lilies, which are zone 2 hardy, were donated by Wanda, a lily grower in Mervin. They come in a range of colours, with each package containing a surprise mix!

How to care for your lilies!  Continue reading “The little lily fundraiser for Nest”

Newcomers enjoy car show

The Saskatoon Show and Shine weekend in mid-August attracted a huge crowd, including a Nest refugee family who had just arrived in the city August 9. Samer, his wife Marwah and their two children enjoyed the afternoon, admiring the cars in the city’s downtown. Originally from Iraq, Samer and his family were refugees in Jordan. Samer has his PhD in engineering, specializing in cyber security. … Continue reading Newcomers enjoy car show

Syrian family’s arrival delayed

Nest expected to welcome a Syrian single parent with five children on August 9. But less than 24 hours before their departure from Beirut, the family’s flight was cancelled due to problems obtaining an exit permit in Lebanon. The last minute cancellation was heart-breaking. Wisal and her children (pictured here) have waited two years to come to Saskatoon. Nest and the Canadian Lutheran World Relief … Continue reading Syrian family’s arrival delayed

New arrivals!

Visitors to the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market will know Ebtsam Elsheikh, the vendor with “the million watt smile.” Nest worked with Ebtsam, who also is a member of the group, to bring four of her relatives who were Sudanese refugees in Cairo. After a 27 month wait, her sister Saphia, her two nieces Safaa and Alaa and her nephew Abdulhai arrived in Saskatoon in March! A … Continue reading New arrivals!

Have you seen “The List?”

A Turkish visual artist has devoted the last 16 years of her life to publicizing the List. The List holds the names of people who died trying to start a new life in Europe. It is maintained by a network of NGOs supporting migrants and refugees. When Banu Cennetoğlu first saw the List in 2002 on the United for Intercultural Action website, it consisted of … Continue reading Have you seen “The List?”