Leveraging Canada’s refugee program?

Opinion by Beth Smillie Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser claims the Canadian government has the capacity to sponsor an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees by “leveraging” the current system. It’s hard to imagine how? The Canadian government’s refugee sponsorship program has run off the rails (if not a cliff) and does not have the capacity to rescue many, let alone an unlimited number of Ukrainians. … Continue reading Leveraging Canada’s refugee program?

The Nest Equinox Supper

The Nest Equinox Supper has sold-out for the second year! Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets. Ticket holders can pick-up their delicious meal on Sunday, March 20, between 5 p.m. to 6 pm. outside Mayfair United Church, 902 33rd Street West. Our 2022 Nest Equinox Supper features cuisine from Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Africa expertly prepared by our Nest chefs in a commercial … Continue reading The Nest Equinox Supper

Nest provides asylum to women activists

Nest is working to sponsor women activists from Afghanistan and Sudan, who were forced to flee their homes due to their work for women’s equality. Nest is sponsoring Maryam, her spouse and two small children. Maryam (pictured here) is an Afghan journalist specializing in gender and human rights. She also is a member of the persecuted Hazara minority. When the Taliban took power on August … Continue reading Nest provides asylum to women activists

Dear Canadian embassy:

Yubis, his wife Ruda, and their two young daughters are Sudanese refugees in Tel Aviv. Nest submitted their sponsorship application in 2018 and again in 2019. Years have passed but the Canadian embassy has not contacted them. Nest members recently met with Saskatoon MP Corey Tochor’s staff to try to get traction on their refugee sponsorship application. Yubis tried too. Last month, he left his … Continue reading Dear Canadian embassy:

Petition urges Afghan action

A group called Change.org is calling on the Canadian government to change two key requirements of the immigration and refugee program to address the Afghan crisis and allow more Afghans to get to Canada. In a petition to the Canadian government, the group says the government must remove the language assessment requirement for skilled Afghan workers. “The requirement for English proficiency and biometrics for Skilled … Continue reading Petition urges Afghan action

Afghan crisis: More questions than answers

In response to the Afghan crisis, the Canadian government promised to settle up to 40,000 Afghan refugees. It also committed to fast-track Afghan asylum requests, stating it would give priority to women leaders, human rights advocates, persecuted religious minorities and others. But months later, there are still no details about the Canadian government’s Afghan resettlement plan or the expedited process. How will Afghan refugees be … Continue reading Afghan crisis: More questions than answers

Nest family sponsorships

Nest is waiting to welcome 14 refugee families to Saskatoon, including Afghan human rights champion Maria and her two sons, Afghan women Abeda and Zainab who are fleeing the Taliban, and Sudanese activist Wafaa Idress, her husband and four children.

Here is the current list of Nest sponsorships: Continue reading “Nest family sponsorships”

Third attempt: Lift-off!

It took three attempts, but a Syrian refugee family in Lebanon finally arrived in Saskatoon on April 12. The family is now in quarantine for two weeks.  Mohamad, his wife Rasha and their four children were contacted in January by the International Office of Migration (IOM) and told they would travel to Canada in February. They were overjoyed. It was news they had waited years … Continue reading Third attempt: Lift-off!

Which countries stand tallest?

When it comes to hosting refugees, Lebanon stands the tallest. This assessment is based on a report by the Norwegian Refugee Council. The council looked at which countries hosted the most refugees (per capita) between 2010 to 2019. As the Council notes, most of the countries on the top ten list have done so despite facing enormous challenges of their own, including civil wars, Ebola … Continue reading Which countries stand tallest?