The new kids in town!

It’s likely a good thing Saskatoon’s Catriona Le May Doan has retired, after capturing 25 gold medals in speed skating.

There are two new kids in the city, stepping out on the ice and turning heads.

Viola and Yola, along with their parents Ruda and Yubis arrived in Saskatoon in late October.

The family, Sudanese refugees, have spent the last decade in Israel seeking asylum in a third, safe country. Nest and the Canadian Lutheran World Relief sponsored the family in May 2018. They arrived more than four years later, just in time for winter!

While Yubis was home sick one weekend in early February, Ruda and the girls experienced the thrill of tobogganing on Archibald Hill, where the trio was fearless.

However, their real talents emerged later that afternoon when they stepped out on Meewasin Rink and mastered the art of figure skating on their first attempt. The girls love skating and have been back to the rink several times this month.

Saskatoon’s Clarence Downey Speed Skating oval is next.

One thought on “The new kids in town!

  1. Congratulations dearest Yola and Viola, you are great girls! Congratulations Ruda, the best mother of the world! And thanks to all Saskatoon team, you are gold people. Best luck for everybody and thanks Canada!


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