Sisters and their families reunited

Noor (second from left) and Yazan (the big, tall guy) and friends at the airport

Two sisters and their families waited more than three years to be reunited in Saskatoon.

Namer wrapped in a quilt made by Nest member Linda Tweddell.

But the wait finally ended on February 25, when Noor tearfully greeted her sister Sura and and nephew Namer at the airport.

Nest sponsored Noor and her son Yazan in 2015 through the Canadian government’s Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Program. They were Iraqi refugees in Kuwait.

Nest applied to bring Sura and Namer, who lived in the United Arab Emirates, the following year. It was a long wait.

Namer, who is five, was thrilled with his first day of kindergarten on March 13, but the schools closed the following week. Still the the two families are happy to be  locked-down together after years of living apart.




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