What are they up to?

Newcomer kids in Saskatoon are finding lots to do during the pandemic.

The Al-Saleem/ Al Mufti household

Two-year old Naylam and her dad decided to try-out her new set of wheels. First time down the street and she’s already perfecting the art of riding and waving. Who misses day care when the snow is melting (finally) and spring is around the corner? Naylam and her family, originally from Iraq, have lived in Saskatoon since the summer of 2018.

The Hassan/Hasan household:


This is what on-line learning looks like in the Hassan/ Hasan household, where three kids on the main floor connect with their dad upstairs via Zoom. The Hassan family, also Iraqi refugees, just marked their third anniversary in Saskatoon.

The Abdulrazzaq/ Obada family:

Namer has lived in Saskatoon only six weeks but he’s already mastered the art of “porch” fishing. It is much like ice fishing but without the ice and shack.undefined

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