Which countries stand tallest?

When it comes to hosting refugees, Lebanon stands the tallest.

This assessment is based on a report by the Norwegian Refugee Council. The council looked at which countries hosted the most refugees (per capita) between 2010 to 2019.

As the Council notes, most of the countries on the top ten list have done so despite facing enormous challenges of their own, including civil wars, Ebola and political corruption.

Turkey provided sanctuary to 4.3 million refugees, more than any other country.

But when described on a per capita basis, the country that has hosted the most refugees is Lebanon. According to the Council’s report, no country has done more than Lebanon.

In Lebanon, 21.8 per cent of the population are refugees. A country of six million people, Lebanon hosts an estimated 1.6 million Syrian refugees.

Jordan ranks second where 10.7 per cent of its population are refugees. More than one million refugees mostly from Syria fled to Jordan in the last 10 years. Jordan also hosts 2.3 million Palestinian refugees.

Turkey is in third spot, where refugees represent 5.1 per cent of the population.

Liberia ranks fourth. It is estimated 4.6 per cent of its population are refugees. Despite civil war and the Ebola crisis, Liberia has received 230,000 refugees.

Uganda ranks fifth with 3.5 per cent of its population comprised of refugees. The country has offered protection to an estimated 1.7 million refugees. They have come from South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Somalia and Rwanda. According to the Norwegian Refugee Council, “Uganda is a pioneer in integrating refugees and giving them full rights.”

How do other countries measure up?

Canada welcomed 211,366 refugees during the same time period (2010 to 2019). On a per capita basis, these refugees represent .56 per cent of our population.

Expressed in terms of height, if Lebanon stands 21.8 feet tall, Canada is only 6.7 inches tall, hardly noticeable on the world stage.

Over the same time period, the U.S. received 838,000 refugees, or .25 per cent of its population. On the height chart, it stands less than 3 inches.

Despite its poor standing, the U.S. drastically reduced it refugee admissions in recent years.

Top 10 countries based on data from 2010 – 2019, prepared by Norwegian Refugee Council

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