Petition urges Afghan action

A group called is calling on the Canadian government to change two key requirements of the immigration and refugee program to address the Afghan crisis and allow more Afghans to get to Canada.

In a petition to the Canadian government, the group says the government must remove the language assessment requirement for skilled Afghan workers. “The requirement for English proficiency and biometrics for Skilled Worker applications are not accessible in Afghanistan.” The petition organizers want the language requirements postponed until the applicants are outside Afghanistan.

The petition also calls on the government to drop the UN registration requirement for Afghan refugees.

Currently, Groups of Five and Community Sponsors can only sponsor refugees with convention refugee status. Few fleeing Afghanistan have that status.

The petition organizers note the government dropped the convention refugee requirement for Iraqis during 2003 war and again for Syrians and Iraqis during the 2015 refugee crisis. They want the government to take similar action to support Afghans.

Add your voice. Add you name. Sign the petition here!

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