Pastors join voices for a good cause

What happens when four musically talented pastors from four diverse churches in Saskatoon organize a Christmas concert to support a good cause? They create a wonderful community event that drew a huge crowd from across the city and raise more than $3,000 for refugee settlement! Mark Kleiner of Christ Church Anglican, Pastor Jakob Palm from Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church, Connor Shram of Awakening Church in … Continue reading Pastors join voices for a good cause

Canada urged to scale-up protection for refugees from Central America

The Canadian government must address the humanitarian crisis in Central America by providing more protection and asylum for refugees fleeing the violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. That’s the message contained in a report by  Doctors Without Borders released earlier this year, which found the rates of murder, kidnapping and sexual violence in these countries (known as the Northern Triangle of Central America NTCA) … Continue reading Canada urged to scale-up protection for refugees from Central America

Iraqi family arrives in time for snow

A Nest family from Iraq, who arrived in the city on April 12 after an exhausting plane trip, experienced the thrill of snow for the first time a few days later. Outfitted with donated coats and mitts, the two little girls and their mother stepped outside their apartment yesterday morning and showed their delight. Continue reading Iraqi family arrives in time for snow

A wonderful night for Nest!

                  Top photo clockwise: Margaret Achire, Nest’s first refugee sponsorship; Elaine Carter, Group photo of Ebtsam, Thelma, Noor and Sawsan, Nest secretary Noreen (on right) with friends. (Photos by Diane Eurig.) The Nest Steak Night on September 25 was a big success attracting a sell-out crowd and raising $4,500. The money will be used to support the sponsorship of … Continue reading A wonderful night for Nest!

Here at last!

After waiting eight years to be reunited with her brother in Canada, Kdsti and her family arrived in Saskatoon on August 23, 2016. Kdsti, her husband Gebrhiwet, their daughter Hermela, and Kdsti’s brother  Adhansom, arrived exhausted but happy. The family, originally from Eritrea,  lived in Sudan while they waited for approval of their immigration application. Pictured above are: Haileab with his sister Kdsti, their brother Adhansom, … Continue reading Here at last!

After eight years, the wait is nearly over

December 5, 2008. That’s the date Kdsti Kflit applied to come to Saskatchewan to join her brother Haileab. A refugee from Eritrea, she fled her homeland to escape military service and jail. Now, the wait is nearly over. Kdsti’s original sponsor was a church in Regina. But in March 2011, the church cancelled the sponsorship. That’s when Nest members learned about Haileab and Kdsti. With the help of … Continue reading After eight years, the wait is nearly over

Fast track refugees in Thailand

Nest is urging the Canadian government to fast track sponsorship applications from Pakistani Christians and other refugees living in Bangkok, Thailand, stating their situation is desperate and the UNHCR’s response is wholly inadequate. The Thai government’s appalling treatment of refugees is well-documented. Even though most are UN registered asylum seekers – who are legally entitled to protection – they live in constant fear of being rounded-up, arrested … Continue reading Fast track refugees in Thailand

The long, long wait to immigrate

Nest Saskatoon currently is sponsoring 12 families to the city, but it could be years before some of them arrive. Most refugee families wait between one to six years for their sponsorship application to be processed by the Canadian government. Two of Nest’s sponsorships involve Eritrean families currently in Khartoum, Sudan where the wait time is 60 months. Another one of Nest’s Eritrean families is in Uganda where the … Continue reading The long, long wait to immigrate

Open Letter to Premier Wall

November 17, 2015 Dear Premier Wall and Opposition Leader Cam Broten: At a time when an estimated 60 million people are displaced, the world needs leaders who are inspired by our common humanity rather than our heightened insecurity. We are looking for that type of leadership now in Saskatchewan. For nearly 20 years, our volunteer group Nest has helped refugee families start a new life … Continue reading Open Letter to Premier Wall